Program tasks:

  • stop inflammatory reactions;
  • decrease hyperkeratosis follcular is;
  • normaliza functions of adipose glands;
  • restoration of infiltrates and deep cleansing of pores;
  • initiate processes of skin regeneration;
  • smoothing of skin relieves.

?️?️New ?️?️Deep Phyto Peeling Pe. Beloved behind the windows, autumn is in full swing, so the season for my favorite peels and all exfoliating treatments I consider open otwarty. ☑️What is Deep Phyto Peeling? - it is a deeply exfoliating treatment. The only treatment combining the healing properties of herbs with the exfoliating properties of acids. . ☑️What effects can I get? Deep phyto peeling is especially recommended for: ❤️ Acne, also in the active phase. ? Discoloration, reduction of pigmentation and age spots. ? It reduces acne scars and wrinkles. ? Reduces stretch marks. ?Removes dead creatine cells. ?Activates collagen and elastin synthesis. ?It stimulates the production of new cells. ❤It stimulates physiological processes in the skin. . ☑️ What does the procedure look like? The treatment protocol can be slightly modified depending on the client's problems and expectations. The procedure belongs to the category of manual procedures (without the use of apparatus). We apply acid and herbal preparations to the treatment area (usually covering the face, but it can also be other parts of the body). ☝️Uwaga! The procedure is one of those less unpleasant ?. ☑️How many times do I have to repeat the procedure? The treatment can be performed individually (to refresh) or in a series. We recommend 2.3 treatment days for deep exfoliation. Treatments in the series are performed every 24 hours. Series, if necessary, can be repeated after a month, or use the procedure 1-2 times a year. Everything according to individual needs. ? ☝️ Note! We perform deep phyto peeling only in low sunlight, i.e. from September to March / April (depending on the weather) ?. After the procedure, use sunscreen creams and do not sunbathe



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